About me

Few words to introduce myself.

I am a professional photographer with my studio based in Milan, Italy.

I have been doing this job for about thirty years and I am still following this passion as the first day.

Since the beginning I’ve been attracted by objects and architectural photography , especially in design and in the field of Communication.

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a portrait photographer; I am curious of people but they easily distract me too: I just look at their different features  and their complexity, I sometimes build friendships  but  at the end I decide not to take pictures of them.

Light and composition are my tools, and, of course, even cameras. Any kind and any brand, I have no preference.  They are just tools  and most of the

time they do their job perfectly; even smartphones can work fine.

Light creates the image and the composition makes them still; I only need to

capture the result of this combination.

I’ve learned to understand my clients’ needs and to sort out the problems they may have by facing the unexpected with the most suitable solutions.

The point is that I am the worst and demanding client of myself. (when I’m the client, things are much more complicated)

I really love my job, just as the first day.


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